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Theft Resistance Fasteners

Drill Spanner Flat Security Tapping Screw

At Synergix, we offer the most comprehensive range of security fasteners. We offer both range in metric & inch. Our comprehensive stock in Singapore, had benefited a lot of our customers & put us an edge in the market place. Item is pack at 100pcs & we sell from 1PC onwards! WRITE us your enquiry TODAY for Drilled Spanner Flat Security Tapping Screw!

(Informations & Specifications At A Glance)

Thread Standard : Metric & Inch Size

Diameter : Metric M2 & Above | Inch #4-40 & Above (Special Size, Upon Request) | Head Style : Button, Flat, Pan etc…

Recess Type : Hex Pin, Torx Pin, 6-Lobes Pin, Tri-Wing, Trio Pin, 2 Hole, Drill Spanner, One Way, Micro Series, Philip Pin etc…

Material : Stainless Steel Grade with optional Black Finish or Locking Element

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